Tallinn Post Works is a brand new post production company, that specializes in offering premium quality post production services for films and advertisements. Colour grading, online/offline editing and everything that concerns VFX and CGI in both 2D and 3D space are part of our competence. We are always involved in all of our projects from beginning to end, offering extra support as supervisors.

Tallinn Post Works grew out from NAFTA (one of the best production companies in Estonia) that played a big part in making us extremely qualified and experienced in the field of post production – our work in motion pictures, short films and countless ads has been noticed and awarded accordingly.

We also possess a colouring and editing studio of superior quality – perfectly calibrated cinema screen and monitors will leave no room for overlooking the slightest details and imperfections. All this and the sharp eyes of our specialists are sure to guarantee the best possible end result.

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